2019 JAMB Novel Sweet Sixteen: Summary of Chapter II The Drive

Summary of Sweet Sixteen in chapters.

Chapter I: The letter, video and possible questions from sweet sixteen.

Chapter II: The Drive, video and possible questions from sweet sixteen.

Chapter III: Work, video and possible questions from sweet sixteen.

Chapter IV: Gandhi Test, video and possible questions from sweet sixteen.

Chapter V: Datingvideo and possible questions from sweet sixteen.

Chapter VI: Sterotypevideo and possible questions from sweet sixteen.

Chapter VII: Beautyvideo and possible questions from sweet sixteen.

2019 JAMB Novel Sweet Sixteen: Chapter II Summary “The Drive”.

Below is the summary of 2019 JAMB (UTME) Novel Sweet sixteen and practice questions.

In the letter that Aliya’s father wrote to her, he recalls an interesting outing they both had when she was 12years old. They have had several outings together but  Aliya remembered this one in particular. It had been a cool Sunday morning and she was ready to go through another boring day of doing nothing other than listening to music when her father appeared at her doorway asking if she would like to go for a drive with him around town.

This had been an occassion for him to talk to Aliya about what he had learned from his wife some days back that Aliya  started seeing her period. The drive was a long and uncertain one. Aliya notwithstanding, saw some young girls hawking close to their car and wishes she could be free like them and not locked up all the time like a prisoner at home. Mr. Bello is quick to correct her on her thought about the girls as he tells her that those girls would probably be wishing for a better life, he told Aliya a brief story of his life as a child and how he had been raised in a poor home. “You have no excuse” he said to aliya, as he drove. “Hardwork is needed for success but, sometimes hunger is what you need to drive you ahead in life.”

Mr Bello did know how to bring up the topic on menstruation and  he knew how to talk to his daughter about it, he felt it would make Aliya feel awkward, and so he decided to let their conversation flow until their stop at Aunty Gigi’s to get icecream. Mr. Bello used this opportunity to introduce the topic by asking his daughter  if she knew sugar affected some women during menstruation? He was surprised to find out that Aliya knew more than he thought about the topic and he found it disturbing that Aliya is exposed to a lot of things than he had imagined, including sex.


Although, she had not been involved in it but she knew too much judging by Mr Bello’s standard. He  questioned Aliya and found out that she has been reading Aunty Molara’s magazines and this got Mr Bello upset. He advised Aliya to stay away from anything that could pollute her mind or beautiful room as he called it. Aliya felt bad that she had let out too much and put Aunty Molara in trouble. She  apologized to her dad and asked him not to query aunty molara.

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  1. Uzoma john ifeanyi on February 16, 2019 at 8:42 am

    Aliyah was recalling a very special time she had with her dad ,a day they went out for a drive, she and her dad were engaged in a discussion, talking about some girls they had drove past on their way,girls Aliyah wanted to be like because of thefreedom they had to be on the road,but her dad counselled her otherwise letting her know that those girls they passed envied Aliyah’s life and place and wouldn’t hesitate if the opportunity of trading places with her came. They also talked about His (her father’s) childhood and how it had been difficult for him to grow because of his parents financial state, but he let her know that that didn’t hinder him ,cause that wasn’t an excuse to him. Aliyah and her Father also made a stop at the ice cream store to get ice cream and they talked some more and aliyah’s father talked about menstruation and sex ,surprisingly to her dad she knew more than he had thought and asked how come she knew that much ,turned out Aliyah had been reading aunty Molara’s magazine, this got her dad upset and Aliyah thought maybe she had revealed too much already.

    • Bunmi Eyiaro on February 21, 2019 at 9:14 am

      Great summary Uzoma

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