2019 JAMB Novel Sweet Sixteen: Summary of Chapter I (The Letter and Practice Questions).

Summary of Sweet Sixteen in chapters.

Chapter I: The letter, video and possible questions from sweet sixteen.

Chapter II: The Drive, video and possible questions from sweet sixteen.

Chapter III: Work, video and possible questions from sweet sixteen.

Chapter IV: Gandhi Test, video and possible questions from sweet sixteen.

Chapter V: Datingvideo and possible questions from sweet sixteen.

Chapter VI: Sterotypevideo and possible questions from sweet sixteen.

Chapter VII: Beautyvideo and possible questions from sweet sixteen.

The summary of Sweet Sixteen, Official Novel for 2019 JAMB (UTME) Candidates (Sweet Sixteen).  This is sold along side with 2019 JAMB(UTME) The recommended JAMB novel Sweet Sixteen is written by Bolaji Abdullahi).

Summary of 2019 JAMB Novel Sweet sixteen The Letter.

Aliya is a 16year old girl who is the only child of Mr & Mrs. Bello. She had been 14 when she first read the book ‘sweet sixteen’ and had always hoped that when she turned 16, she’ll no longer be called a child but considered a ‘young adult’. To Aliya ‘child’ means the same as stupid and so she’s never interested in children’s stuff and relates more with people who are many years older than she is. You could say that Aliya is fat but she’d rather be called plump, even though deep down she knew she was a plus size. Her mother is a nurse and her father didn’t exactly have a stable job.

Birthdays in Mr. Bello’s home are no different from other days and so Aliya isn’t looking forward to any special celebration for her 16th birthday, although since she got into the boarding school her father has never failed to send her gifts and cards on her birthday, she remembers in JSS 2 her father had sent her a card with the inscription ‘Happy Birthday, my First Lady, remember that only God is greater than you’.

Aliya had wondered why her father called her ‘First Lady’ since she had no siblings, she wasn’t sure she wanted any because her friends often told her that younger brothers are annoying and she didn’t find this hard to believe as akin, one of her classmates, is a typical example of annoying, he loves playing pranks and making fun of everyone and Aliya couldn’t imagine having a brother like him, to her, akin was the most unserious human being in the whole world, he had gotten miss Salako, their mathematics teacher, very angry during one of their class on geometry and had been punished, but still he had an A in the subject that term.

Aliya’s 16th birthday is two days before the term’s examination and she isn’t sure she is prepared, she has always been a straight A student but since she entered senior school, chemistry has been a major challenge for her. The day

Aliya turns 16 she expects to feel different, probably more mature or something but she finds that everything still feels the same, she asks Grace, one of her three roommates who is about her age, if she had felt different when she turned 16 but Grace tells her she felt the same as when she was 14&15 nothing more.

Aliya could barely wait for the assembly to be over so she can go get her gift from the principal, who apparently is a good friend of her father which is very unlikely because her father is Yoruba and a Muslim but her principal, Tiv and a christian, the principal, however did not give Aliya any gift from her father when she went to greet him, he didnt even wish her a happy birthday which was his usual way, he only greeted her back and this made Aliya very worried and afraid that something bad had happened to her father, she could hardly concentrate during geography class because she couldn’t help but imagine what could have gone wrong that made the principal so blunt and unsettled.

Aliya loved her parents but her father especially, she could tell him anything, she remembers telling him how Bobo, one of her classmates whose real name is actually Tokunbo Alabi, had given her a red teddy bear on Valentine’s day, her father had given her a couple of advice on boys and their ways, Aliya, however could not imagine loosing her father at this time, she eventually makes up her mind to go back to the principal’s office to find out what had really happened, and this she did only to find out that she had only just been paranoid and everything was fine.

The principal wished her a happy birthday and gave her the gift from her father which was a digital camera, a card and a spiral bound document.

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Sweet Sixteen Revision Questions (Chapter 1-The Letter)

We bring you revision questions from JAMB recommended Novel for UTME 2019. In the next 6 Weeks of #JAMB7WeeksChallenge, we would be having questions from Sweet Sixteen novel. You can also take it as a strategy of revising the novel in a non-tiring way while you get rewarded with a free JAMB form. 

NOTE: The questions have been set and compiled according to JAMB standard of asking questions, following the question trends from previous UTME Novel (IN DEPENDENCE, The Last Days at Forcados High School.


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