2019 JAMB Novel Sweet Sixteen: Summary of Chapter III Work

Summary of Sweet Sixteen in chapters.

Chapter I: The letter, video and possible questions from sweet sixteen.

Chapter II: The Drive, video and possible questions from sweet sixteen.

Chapter III: Work, video and possible questions from sweet sixteen.

Chapter IV: Gandhi Test, video and possible questions from sweet sixteen.

Chapter V: Datingvideo and possible questions from sweet sixteen.

Chapter VI: Sterotypevideo and possible questions from sweet sixteen.

Chapter VII: Beautyvideo and possible questions from sweet sixteen.

Are you a 2019 JAMB candidate? Below is the summary of 2019 JAMB Novel Sweet sixteen chapter III (Work) and practice questions.

Summary of Sweet Sixteen Chapter III (Work)

It is not until a week after Aliya returns from school that she gets the chance to thank her father for the gift he had got her for her 16th birthday. It is a Saturday morning and the family of Mr. Bello had just said their prayers, Aliya makes an attempt to prepare father’s tea the way he likes it but fails, she asks mum, who often boasts of being the only one capable of making her husband’s tea, to tell her the secret, and this she did after much persuasion.

Aliya soon mastered making her father’s tea and made it her responsibility to always prepare it whenever she’s home from school.
Aliya remembers she has not shown her dad her end of term result as she gives him reasons why she no longer wants to be a doctor but a lawyer, he thinks that this sudden change is due to her dread for chemistry, the result however proved otherwise as she got an A in chemistry, to her father’s utmost surprise.

Aliya tells her father of a girl she had seen cheating during physics exam, the girl had told Aliya after the paper that she didn’t feel good about what she had done but she did it because her parents were always comparing her to her younger sister who often did well.

Aliya’s father advises her against such things and permits her to whatever profession she wants as long as she loved it, Aliya then tells him of a classmate of hers, Sogo, who wants to study law because of his father, Mr. Bello goes on to tell Aliya about what he had learnt about children from Kahlil Gibran and he says no child should be forced to follow their parents dreams but the ones they have for themselves.

Mr. Bello, after having spoken much about writers like he knew them face to face, gives Aliya a book titled “the prophet” by Kahlil Gibran, which he says will broaden her thinking. After reading a couple lines in the book as requested by her father, Aliya concludes that Kahlil is a very wise man, her father however, tells her that she can gain much wisdom and knowledge from reading books especially the ones written by people who proved to be of integrity, and not wasting her time on thrilling novels and social media, he says she should be careful not be part of the generation of people Albert Einstein predicted when he said a day would come when technology would surpass human interaction and the world would have a generation of idiots.

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