Agbami STEM Ideation Challenge 2018

Agbami STEM Ideation challenge 2018 is a STEM innovation challenge brought to you by Agbami in collaboration with Lagos Business School.

The goals of this competition are:

– To provide a platform to share innovative teaching techniques and solutions that address access to quality education particularly in rural areas.

– To expose teachers and students to the realistic world of fast paced pitches and under pressure innovative thinking.

– To celebrate innovative and passionate STEM teachers.

The 2018 STEM Innovation Challenge will comprise two competitions:  The Innovative STEM Teacher Competition and The Ideation Competition  

You can view a Sample Entry Here

For more information visit Agbami STEM Ideation Challenge 2018 Official Website

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Bunmi Eyiaro

Bunmi is interested in Education Technology and preparing students in careers and skills of the 21st century and the future. She is a proud supporter of SDG goals #4 "Quality Education for all". She tutors students in topics they find challenging and also a teacher trainer.

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