Common Entrance Examination 2019: Top 5 E-learning platforms to prepare for Common Entrance Examination.

Common Entrance Examination 2019 is just few months away. While we wait to begin registration, I have compiled top 5 e-learning platform your child and students can begin to prepare and do a thorough revision for the exam. Click HERE to track 2019 registration is an e-learning platform and the first educational marketplace platform in Nigeria. They have an amazing Common Entrance Test prep bundle that covers all the Common Entrance Examination Papers written in Nigeria which includes MathEnglish Language Quantitative Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, Vocational AptitudeSocial Studies and General Science is an excellent platform for students to do an intensive revision and an organized studying pattern for students because questions are compiled by topics, detailed solution and answers are presented in each question,solved questions, detailed explanation to solved questions, illustrations and hints to enable you study and prepare efficiently  All Questions are from past papers in various Common Entrance Examination organizers/bodies including Past Questions from Private secondary schools in Nigeria. Common Entrance Test Prep bundle is the only platform that have Past questions sorted not just by subjects only but by topics for effective study and revision. has made their Test Prep Bundle free for all to access from now to February 2019. After which, you will be required to activate subscription to enjoy the package. You can take advantage of this opportunity by visiting their COURSE PAGE

Sample past Question on Word Problems


Common Entrance A unique feature about this e-learning platform is that they have test prep bundle available for British Curriculum with an automatic grading system. set their Tests for 10 minutes less than the stipulated exam time. This is to ensure speed and allow enough time to review questions in the proper examination.So if you are looking at preparing for 11+ common entrance examination and primary school SAT, be sure to pay them a visit to begin preparing for common entrance examination. To enjoy the full benefits on this platform, you will have t0 activate your subscription by paying. See sample below

subscription excerpt


Common Entrance Examination App 2019 by Blue Pyramid Ltd Education: They are not just an e-learning platform, they are an educational app that allows students prepare for National Common Entrance Examination. Students can not only prepare for National Common Entrance Examination, students can also register on the app. With that, parents and schools can save themselves the stress of queuing in a bank to get a scratch card for registration. This e-learning platform is powered by assure educational services. They provide an instant online assessment Test  for Js 1 Entrance Examination in all common Entrance Examination platform. They also assist parents and school administrators to register their wards for common Entrance Examination


First Class Tutor: This is a e-tutor booking platform for students preparing for common Entrance Examination. This e-tutor booking platform is powered by Teen Africa Academy. For parents and students who would like to engage the physical presence of a tutor to guide students and assist them in topic areas they are experiencing difficulties. Tutors are available to prepare wards in various Common Entrance Examination including Nigerian curriculum, American curriculum and British curriculum. Teachers and tutors who would like to assist thousands of wards who register for Common Entrance Examination can also register on this platform to become a tutor. You can request for a qualified tutor for your child Request for a Tutor. 

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