123D Design for Beginners

Course Description:

The course introduces learners to computer 3D Design with 123D Design.

123D Design is a powerful, yet simple 3D creation and editing tool which supports many new of the latest 3D printers. It is the simplest way to get their ideas and conceptions into 3D. Produced by the same creators of AutoCAD, this will give your children/wards the canvas with which they will unleash their creativity by drawing 3D  Design of simple objects like a table to more complex designs like a castle!

Learning on the module will be project based where learners will complete tasks and construct 3D objects.

Course Goals and Objectives:

To teach kids how to express their spatial ideas through designs

Basic Skills to be developed

  1. Design concept and implementation
  2. 3 – dimensional modelling

Text, Reading and Material:

  1. None is required, this course is self sufficient

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