How to Register Candidates for the 2019 National Common Entrance Examination.

Step by step Registration Process for the 2019 National Common Entrance Examination

For a Candidate to qualify to sit for the examination, he or she must be registered. To register a candidate, registration quota must have been generated after payment. However, If registration quota has not been generated, it means payment has not been effected. (see How to Make payment for the Candidate Registration).

To register a candidate, follow the steps below:

  • Step 1
    Login to the NCEE Registration Portal.
  • Step 2
    On the Dashboard, click on ADD CANDIDATE

2019 National Common Entrance Examination

  • Step 3
    Fill in the required fields and Upload candidate’s passport.


  • Step 4
    Fill the Parent/Guardian information then tick the checkbox accepting that the child is in Primary 6.2019 National Common Entrance Examination 
  • Step 5
    A status message is displayed to confirm successful registration of the candidate.

2019 National Common Entrance Examination

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