How to Score 250 and above in JAMB 2019 without Expo: 7 Hot Tips

Do you know that you can score 250 and above in JAMB 2019 without expo or malpractice? Yes you can especially now that it is CBT, less human error or manipulation by the examiner. I will be presenting 7 hot tips for you to achieve this. I am confident you can attain this score with these tips. I attained a score of 273 without any form of exam malpractice when I wrote UTME 2010 – It was Paper-based, it was not CBT as at that time. My subject combination was

  1.  Use of English
  2. Biology
  3. Chemistry
  4. Physics

I opt in to study Microbiology in which I gained admission to Federal University of Agriculture Abeokuta and Moshood Abiola Polytechnic (to study Food Science and Technology) so I had choices to make, how Sweet!

These tips would not be effective if you do not apply to the point of attaining confidence in your mind and walking into the exam room gallantly without apologies.

So let’s see what we can do 2 weeks to the exam date. By now you should have covered 100% of the syllabus for all your subject combination. What you need to do now is mastering the topics in your subjects combination. You are not really doing a revision per say; you are doing both revision and putting the quality and strength of your knowledge on that topic to check. Since you already have a basic and foundational knowledge of supposed topic, if you encounter any question that seems difficult, it would be very easy to deal with it in little time – that makes your coverage fast (you address challenging questions and topic areas in this short time [2 weeks] you have to the exam)

1. Create a New Study Time-Table to address mastering topics in your subject combination: 

You have 4 subjects to sit for in JAMB. Make a list of all the topics in each subject. Make your list neat, organized and hand written. Do not squeeze the topics and subjects in one page or sheet. You need a lot of space for this. How many topics  have you listed altogether? Take for instance you have 60 topics in all with each subject carrying 15 topics. Take for instance you will implement this from Friday 1st March, you would be having 15 days to your exam, mind you I included Sunday – trust me you would want to maximize the little time you have left for your exam this year.  Create your time table to ensure that you cover all 4 subjects at this stage: You would be having 4 topics to revise in a day cut across your 4 subjects at the end of 15 days you would have covered 60 topics. Do the calculation. Great isn’t it. Spread the 4 topics in each subject throughout the day and ensure you take few hours break before you move to a new topic (and subject). What would you be doing with this topics? you would be treating JAMB past questions on each topic and attempt at least 20 questions in each topic. You would be amazed at some discoveries – it could be positive; if you are able to attempt most questions correctly and  negative; if you are not getting the answers correctly. Now this is when you would know if you have really gained mastery of the topic according to JAMB standard. Attempting past questions is a great indicator. I would recommend JAMB Past Questions Exam Prep Bundle

This bundle would save you the time of sorting past questions by topic as they have carefully being sorted by topic for you in your JAMB subjects. If you identify any difficult approach to any question in a particular topic, ensure you master it. If you need help you can join JAMB Help Centre

Spend a minimum of 3hours every day on each topic (in each subject). It is easier to concentrate on subjects with calculations during the day. You need the early hours and late hours for topic/ subjects that are more theoretical that needs extra quietness and calmness in the environment

Recommended Reading hours: Starting at 4am in the morning 4am-7am: 9am-12pm: 2pm – 5pm: 8:30pm – 11:30pm

2. Create an organized Study area:

You need to create a study area or space to study and revise comfortably. Do you know what this does? It enables you focus, concentrate and help you conserve energy so you do not get tired of studying easily. How do you create an organized study area? Have a desk or table and ensure you do not have too many materials on the table. Place only material of the topic/subject you are revising per time and clear afterwhich for the next topic/subject. Ensure the room is bright enough. You need enough light to get your brain neurones to be really active and excited.

3. Create or Join a Study Group:

Study group helps you share what you have studied in closed door with other JAMB candidates. The beautiful thing is that, it helps you retain information. Study group in this can either be physical or virtual. So you no longer have restrictions.  You might feel study group would disorganize you & intimidate you. You can take that as an advantage by watching and listening to others share their knowledge. I would like to recommend Study Group it is a great study group where you can share, get challenged and listen to others you know.

4. Create a Healthy Meal Table:

Please this is not the time to go on fast. Your brain needs all the vitamins and water to assimilate all the information you are putting into your brain. You can take healthy snacks while you are studying; munch some nuts (ground nuts, walnuts), have some apple & watermelon. Take lots and lots of water. Be deliberate about this. I would say you should have 2 sachets of pure water or 2 bottles of water while you are dealing with that topic. Have half sachet of pure water before you start studying, sip some quantity of water in between while studying and have 1 sachet of water after studying, then take a nap. You can also have some coffee and cream with little or no sugar before you start studying for the day . You will be amazed at the sharp and active feel

5. Create a sleep routine

Yes! Sleep routine. Having sleepless night does not guarantee effective studying. It causes more stress which increases the production of cortisol (stress hormone) in the body. Getting enough sleep gives allows your body to be quick in assimilating information.

6. Organize your Exam material

You might want to get a clear bag to put in your exam material such as your UTME exam slip, lead pencil, eraser etc. You need to start getting this things organized and ready now. You should’nt be doing this 2-3 days to your exam or a night to your exam




7. Attend  JAMB Tutorial 

Yes! attending JAMB Tutorial is a fun way to learn and socialize. Having a tutor stand in front of you in class and give you a proper lesson on any topic is a sure way to validate your personal study, boost confidence and socialize with other candidates. You can’t take socializing from young people. Can we? Absolutely not. It’s like a fuel to the mind that gives you a feeling that you are alive. It’s not too late to register in a tutorial centre. There are a good number of good tutorial centre out there. Please get out of your room and go out there to know what’s going down. Take it as a productive time off after studying in your room. Trust me you need it.

Remember, these tips has to be implemented starting from tomorrow Friday! Feel free to reach out through the comment box if you have any question. Get all that you need to start!

I will also like to recommend JAMB recommended Novel for 2019 Revision Questions….You can see all questions and review here. is also giving a refund of JAMB Registration fee to 10 JAMB candidates who answer the revision questions. You become a winner when you are the first to attempt the question and when you have a attain the highest score.

Chapter 1:The Letter

Chapter 2: The Drive

Chapter 3: Work

Always check on this page to see other chapters. Other chapters will be uploaded here next week.




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