Around the World with a Chilli – Fun Facts for Children

Author:  Nayan Chanda Illustrator: Priya Kuriyan

Recommended age: 10-13 yrs  Recommended class: Pry 4 – 6

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Around the world with a chilli contains lots of fun facts for children about chilies and the places they come from. A young boy in India meets Ajar Uchu, the spirit of the chillies. The spirit tells the young boy all about the countries chillies come from and the travelers who traded with them and brought chillies to the world. Great fun facts about history, early explorers, trade routes, and early empires.

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Sample Text Page 1:

The sun had just dipped behind the coconut, mango and chiku trees that ring Appu’s house. The sky was still tinged with pink. The kitchen garden where the family grew brinjals, tomatoes and bottle gourd was still bathed in a soft light. Flocks of birds flew across the sky on their way home.

Appu’s mother was making fish curry for dinner and wanted some fresh green chillies. Twelve year old Appu had gone to the garden to pick some fully grown, shiny green chillies when he was startled to hear a deep voice, “I am so glad your family likes my offerings.”

Appu’s hair stood on end. He turned around to see who had sneaked up on him. The heavy but soothing voice seemed to come out of the knee-high, leafy chilli plant. “Don’t be frightened, I am Ajar Uchu, known as the Spirit of Chillies,” it said.

Sample Text Page 7

Aztec and Inca Empire

In what is now Mexico there was an older civilization created by the Aztecs. They spoke a common language – Nahuatl. Some 700 years ago they organized themselves into an empire. They had developed a rich agriculture growing corn, chilli pepper, avocado and other fruits. They also grew fine cotton to weave beautiful clothes and had plentiful gold to make jewelry. In the middle of a lake they built Tenochtitlan, their capital city.



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