Raspberry Pi Cookbook for Python Programmers


Over 50 easy to comprehend tailor made recipes to get the most out of the Raspberry Pi and unleash its huge potential using Python.



Tim Cox wrote:

Since the release of the Raspberry Pi computer in February 2012, hundreds of thousands of people have been introduced to a new way of computing. Modern home computers, tablets, and phones are typically focused on providing content to the user to consume, either as a passive viewer or through basic interaction via games and activities.

However, the Raspberry Pi turns this concept on its head. The idea is that the user provides the input and the imagination, and the Raspberry Pi becomes an extension of their creativity. The Raspberry Pi provides a simple, low-cost platform that you can use to experiment with and play with your own ideas. It won’t feed you information; it will let you discover it firsthand.

This book takes everything I have found exciting and interesting with the Raspberry Pi and puts it in an easy-to-follow format.

I hope that people will read this book and start their own Raspberry Pi journey; it has so much to offer, and the book is aimed squarely at showing off what you can achieve with it.

Like any good cookbook, the pages should be worn and used, and it should be something that is always being pulled off the shelf to refer to. I hope it will become your own, personal, go-to reference.

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