Teacher Activity Group

The Teacher Activity Group is a topic by the British Council Teacher Educator Community which looks at how to organise teacher learning effectively through a facilitated form of teachers’ club.

You will learn and listen to the views of fellow educators:

  1. the benefits of teachers getting together to discuss their work in a Teacher Activity Group (TAG)
  2. what practical problems had working with group of teachers and how these problems were solved
  3. What technique used to help everyone trust each other when working with a group of teachers

Start by watching the introductory video, reading the attached Resource  which is an example of how TAGs have been put into practice in India and join the discussions related to this topic. You can do all this here at the  British Council Teacher Educator Community

Download TEJAS Brochure

Bunmi Eyiaro

Bunmi is interested in Education Technology and preparing students in careers and skills of the 21st century and the future. She is a proud supporter of SDG goals #4 "Quality Education for all". She tutors students in topics they find challenging and also a teacher trainer.

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